In this fast-paced, pressure-packed, and turbulent world-where truth has become subjective, and living the Christian life with an uncompromising perspective has become a challenge for the child of God-nothing compares with sitting down with God through the pages of His word, and beholding Him through the eyes of the Spirit in a way that opens the Father’s heart to you in a refreshing way. This devotional does exactly that. It takes the reader, pulls you into compelling stories told with a Christ-centered perspective, and brings you into the presence of the Most High; where you are left with no other option but to surrender to the majesty of Christ Jesus, our Savior and Lord, who is worthy of all our praise and worship for victorious living.

Every Monday to Saturday, I will be sharing the Word of the Day, and on Sundays, the Word of the Week. I pray these words will touch you in a special way, taking your from strength to strength in your walk with Christ and empowering you for the days and weeks ahead.

Feel free to contact us by visiting the Contact page and sharing with your friends and family on social media. I look forward to sharing and growing with you all as we live for the kingdom, looking at life Through the Eyes of the Spirit.